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Salem Kirby

Hybrid innovation for a New-Age Palate Since 2017

James, affectionately known as "Little Jimmy" in the Kirffe household, is no stranger to their family dinner table. In fact, his presence is virtually expected by the four Kirffe girls who haven't yet figured out he isn't an uncle. One evening, during the usual dinner preparations, James' impatience with Salem's characteristically obsessive rolling and cutting of perfectly circular buttermilk biscuits from her scratch-made dough changed the household standard for biscuits forever. "Just throw it on the waffle iron, for goodness sake," he said. It was then that the original Biffle was born - a waffle-biscuit hybrid packed with spicy sausage, gooey sharp cheddar, and fresh chopped rosemary. 



“They are all delicious, can’t go wrong with any choice!” -Helia

“Salem is awesome and inventive in all that she does! Yum!” -Ginger

“If heaven serves Biffles, I’ll be on my best behavior from here on out!” -Evelyn

“A unique idea that always results in a mouthwatering meal. Salem doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to the seasonings.” -Don