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—  sweets  —

Sweeter than your honey, bunny. 


—  Strawberry Short Biffle  —
Shortcake Biffle topped with fresh strawberries and cream

—  Krispy Kriffle  —
A Biffled original glazed classic

—  French Biffle  —
French toast Biffle featuring Camino Bakery’s French Sandwich Loaf

—  Gingerbriffle Man  —
Gingerbread Biffle with a sweetened molasses glaze

—  Rolled Biffle  —
Scratch cinnamon and Champagne Apple Butter roll, Biffled

—  Moravian Sugar Biffle  —
Biffled Moravian sugar cake

—  Chocolate Covered Strawberry Biffle  —
Semi sweet chocolate chips and fresh cut strawberry Biffle with a cream cheese dip

—  Champagne Apple Butter Biffle  —
Champagne Apple Butter stuffed croissant, Biffled

—  Pumpkin Biffle  —
Maple and brown sugar glazed pumpkin spice buttermilk Biffle topped with white chocolate

—  Mexican Cocoa Biffle  —
Dark cocoa Biffle with chopped marshmallow, cayenne, ginger, cinnamon, topped with honey and whiskey candied walnuts

—  PB&J Biffle  —
Strawberry jam and crunchy peanut butter swirled Biffle topped with a brûléed banana and candied peppered bacon

—  Apple Buffle  —
Champagne Apple Butter smeared over a toasted pecan Biffle and drizzled with caramel sauce

—  Moravian Lovefeast Biffle  —
Sweetened buttermilk Biffle, orange, lemon, nutmeg, drizzled with a salted honey butter

—  Blueberry Biffle  —
Buttermilk blueberry Biffle with a lemon ginger icing